How to play

Your goal:
Collect the cards of all 25 Most Wanted Fugitives and complete Europe’s Most Wanted Criminals team.

Our game plan:
We want to show criminals the red card. By completing the team, you are familiarising yourself with the faces and the crimes of some of Europe’s most dangerous criminals on the run. When you share your results on social media, you make these fugitives even more visible to your friends and followers. The more people see these criminals, the higher the chance that one of you will be able to provide us with that crucial tip to locate and ultimately arrest a dangerous criminal.

Know the score:
To complete the team you need to collect 25 cards. Cards are unlocked by entering codes found on social media. There are nine codes in total and each code will reveal two or three players. Codes will be randomly distributed via the social media profiles of European law enforcement agencies and Europol (,, on Thursday 12, Friday 13 and Saturday 14 July 2018.

Entering the codes on the website reveals the criminals on the cards. It is only when you have found all the players that the final whistle blows and you have finished the game. You can then download and share your completed team. You don’t need to register to play the game, but if you create an account, you can save your progress and come back and enter new codes.

Your trophy:
There’s all to play for: 25 winners will receive a Europol goody bag.

The winners will be drawn in a raffle by an innocent hand on 20 July 2018. If you are one of the lucky ones, you will be contacted shortly after. To be eligible for the raffle, you must register.