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YUMBI, Saliboko

YUMBI, Saliboko

YUMBI, Saliboko



Mar 26, 1989


Ethnische Herkunft:

Gesprochene Sprachen:

Sachstand zum Fall: 
Verurteilt zu +12 Jahren Freiheitsentzug


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FAST Belgium
Sirene Belgium

In December 2014, the fugitive met the victim in a local pub. He and a co-perpetrator followed the victim and gained access to her home. Later that night both men abused the female victim several times at her address. For this he was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment.

In march 2016, once again, the fugitive met another victim in a local pub. Afterwards, he raped the victim all day. The facts occurred in his car and in a house. The victim was threatened with a knife and her chest was burned. The perpetrator used a lot of violence.  For this crime he was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment.

Additionally, the fugitive was also sentenced to 20 months imprisonment for drug offenses and 20 months imprisonment for violence.

The wanted person is considered dangerous.