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FELZMANN, Friedrich

FELZMANN, Friedrich
FELZMANN, Friedrich
FELZMANN, Friedrich

FELZMANN, Friedrich



Ligikaudne pikkus: 


Veebr 03, 1951


Etniline päritolu:

Keel(ed), millest tagaotsitav aru saab:

Tagaotsimise põhjus: 
Käimasolev kriminaal- või kohtumenetlus


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FAST Austria
BK SPOC +43124836985025
LKA SPOC +4359133603333
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Leiutasu suurus: 
The Criminal Intelligence Department Styria offers a reward of EUR 5,000.- for - legally obtained tips which lead to the arrest of Friedrich Felzmann who has been listed as wanted for arrest by the Graz Regional Court; - The distribution of the reward will not be subject to normal legal recourse. - In case more than one person has tips that lead to the arrest of Felzmann the reward will be distributed according to the relevance of their tips. - Persons who are obligated to support the investigations due to their position, whether in private or public service, persons who are suspected of complicity in the offence that Felzmann is suspected of and persons who with regard to Friedrich Felzmann are accused of having committed an offence pursuant to art. 299 of the Austrian penal code are excluded from receiving a reward.
Friedrich FELZMANN is strongly suspected of having shot two persons to death and of having injured one person heavily by a shot from a rifle in Stiwoll/Styria on 29.10.2017. Immediately after the offence the offender escaped in his vehicle towards a nearby forest. There, he parked his vehicle and fled on foot. FELZMANN`s current whereabouts are unknowns. Warning: Friedrich Felzmann may carry a weapon !