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FRANZ, Norman Volker

FRANZ, Norman Volker

FRANZ, Norman Volker

Stuever, Michael, dob. 18.01.1970, Müller, Carsten



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Date de naissance: 
jan 30, 1970



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FAST Germany
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A reward of up to 25,000 € is offered to any crucial information leading to an arrest of the perpetrator. The award and distribution will be decided under exclusion of legal action. This reward is intended exclusively for private individuals and not for public officials whose professional duties include the prosecution of criminal offenses.

Norman Volker Franz was sentenced to lifetime-imprisonment for committing murder in two cases. On March 11th 1997 he escaped from the prison in Hagen, Germany. After his escape from Hagen prison he is suspected of robbery and committing murder in three cases in Weimar, Germany on March 26th 1997 and in Halle, Germany on July 21st 1997. Until his seizure in Portugal on Oct. 24th 1998 he was living in Albufeira with his wife and child under the aliases Carsten Müller and Michael Stuever and was working in the real estate business. On July 28th 1999 he escaped from the central prison in Lisbon, Portugal. As there is an outstanding warrant of arrest for Norman Volker Franz on suspicion of robbery and murder in five cases, he is subject of world-wide searches.