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KÖHLER, Norbert

KÖHLER, Norbert
KÖHLER, Norbert

KÖHLER, Norbert



Taille approximative: 

Couleur des yeux:

Date de naissance: 
juil 27, 1977



Langues parlées:

State of case: 
Condamné à 12 années de prison


Si vous possédez tout renseignement susceptible d'aider les forces de l'ordre à localiser cet individu, merci de les inscrire ici

FAST Spain - National Fugitives Team (ENFAST - European Network of Fugitive Active Search Team)


On date 30/08/2017 the wanted person was in possesion of 212 kilogrammes of cocaine near of Principe de Asturias Avenue in Majadahonda (Madrid). He is also investigated for money laundery connected to drug trafficking.Besides, in Czech Republic, between 08.08.2000 and April 2001 KOHLER Norbert being a member of the David BERDYCH’s gang, either as an offender or accessory, participated in 9 cases of robbery committed in a way that they either robbed victims transporting money or goods, or pretending to be a police patrol they stopped the victims on the road, kidnapped them in a van and drove them to one of the member’s holiday home or other place where they restrained and tortured them until the victims gave them safe keys/codes, house and other keys, access codes, credit cards with PINs, money in cash, vehicles and other valuables.

ATTENTION: The fugitive is known to be armed and dangerous.