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TUKHI, Abdul Mohammad

TUKHI, Abdul Mohammad
TUKHI, Abdul Mohammad

TUKHI, Abdul Mohammad



Taille approximative: 

Couleur des yeux:

Date de naissance: 
déc 31, 1978



Langues parlées:

State of case: 
Investigations en cours


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ENFAST Germany
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A reward of up to 10,000 € is offered to any crucial information leading to an arrest of the perpetrator. The award and distribution will be decided under exclusion of legal action. This reward is intended exclusively for private individuals and not for public officials whose professional duties include the prosecution of criminal offenses. The payment can only be made if the information was obtained without the use of force or pressure contrary to the German legal system and no other actions were taken in connection with the incident.

Abdul Mohammad TUKHI is suspected of killing his wife on November 17, 2020 and then hiding her body in the shared apartment. He then fled abroad. On November 20, 2020, during a search of the shared apartment, the body of the 34-year-old woman from Munich was found hidden behind a cot. The following autopsy confirmed that the mother of two children had been killed by stabs in the upper body. An arrest warrant for manslaughter was issued against the fugitive TUKHI.