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EL-RAWI, Ihaab

EL-RAWI, Ihaab
EL-RAWI, Ihaab

EL-RAWI, Ihaab



Taille approximative: 

Couleur des yeux:

Date de naissance: 
sep 30, 1993 (29 années)



Langues parlées:

State of case: 
Investigations en cours
on juin 09 2022, last modified on juil 07 2022


Si vous possédez tout renseignement susceptible d'aider les forces de l'ordre à localiser cet individu, merci de les inscrire ici

FAST Allemagne
+49 040 / 4286 – 56789
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Montant de la récompense: 
A reward of up to 5.000 € is offered to any crucial information leading to an arrest of the perpetrator. The award and distribution will be decided under exclusion of legal action. This reward is intended exclusively for private individuals and not for public officials whose professional duties include the prosecution of criminal offenses.

The fugitive unit of Hamburg Land Criminal Police Office is searching for

Ihaab EL-RAWI.

He is wanted at international level on suspicion of attempted homicide.

In a wooded area of Fischbeker Heide (Hamburg Neugraben-Fischbek) at approximately 15:30 hours on 03/04/2020, several persons exchanged gunshots. One person was severely injured. According to the investigations conducted so far, the wanted person was involved in the incident. The reasons for the shooting are disputes between organised drug traffickers.

After the crime, the wanted person escaped to Barcelona, Spain. At present, it is unknown whether he is still staying there. It is likely that he has meanwhile absconded to a different country.

Physical description:

strong build, approximately 190 cm tall, North African phenotype wrinkled forehead The individual speaks standard German and Arabic. (He has family ties to Egypt.)

Can you provide information on Ihaab EL-RAWI's current whereabouts?

Have you seen him or have you had any contact with him since 03/04/2020?

Tip line: 040 / 4286 – 56789 (tip line of Hamburg police)