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VÍG, Sándor István

VÍG, Sándor István
VÍG, Sándor István

VÍG, Sándor István



Taille approximative: 

Couleur des yeux:

Date de naissance: 
jan 24, 1974 (48 années)



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State of case: 
Investigations en cours
on sep 27 2022, last modified on sep 27 2022


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FAST Hongrie

Sándor István Vig is suspected of running a marihuana plantation with their associates in a building on a property in the suburban area of Kecskemét, Hungary from the beginning of 2021. The building was constructed for cultivation of cannabis sativa plants and for the drug production. Within their drug trafficking activity, they sold the narcotics to further other drug traffickers.

Sándor István VIG was the head of this OCG.

In this case the Hungarian police officers broke up a criminal organization involved in drug production and trafficking in a coordinated operation in April 2021.The operation resulted in the seizure of nearly 100 kg of suspected drugs with a total market value of HUF 250 million (EUR 690 000).

The investigation led to the identification of a newly built and equipped 2-storey warehouse, where the criminal organization was operating, with professionally equipped facilities for the cultivation and processing of thousands of marijuana plants.

The indoor plant production was equipped with remote-controlled irrigation, lighting and ventilation systems. To mask the high electricity consumption required for production, high value industrial generators were installed. The facility was capable of producing hundreds of kilos of drugs several times a year.

The plant itself cost around 300 million forints (831 000 euro) to set up, but the construction of a new hall on the site, protected by a high fence and modern cameras, was already in progress.

Several people were arrested during the investigation, but several members of the criminal organization are still on the run.