2022 EU Most Wanted - Game Over - Bring them down

Game Over: You could bring them down

Criminal networks are made up of different players carrying out a number of illegal activities. These networks pervade society and the economy, with key operatives at every level who spread their tentacles into businesses and even institutions of state. Law enforcement agencies all over Europe have created a list of the most dangerous criminals for the latest EU Most Wanted list. By identifying the fugitives from this list, the whole network could collapse like a house of cards. ENFAST and Europol need the help of EU citizens to make Europe safer by checking this list and seeing if you recognise any of these fugitives. If you do, send us an anonymous tip and local police forces will follow up. Your tip could be the missing piece of information that puts the EU’s most wanted criminals behind bars.

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King: Heads of organised crime groups

Heads of organised crime groups oversee networks of dangerous criminals and commit serious crimes, such as ordering murders and running drug rings, amongst other offences. Some of this year’s heads of organised crime groups are mafia bosses who have murdered police officers and massacred innocent citizens. Other fugitives are also at the heart of financial crime, such as embezzlement and fraud. The King represents the powerful head of an organised crime network and is at the heart of the network’s illegal activities. Your tip could help capture these leaders and bring down the criminal network.

Queen: Drug traffickers

Drug traffickers are instrumental in organised crime groups and they have little regard for the law. The Queen represents these key operatives and is a major player in the criminal network. Much of the violence associated with serious and organised crime is related to the trade in drugs and addiction has devastating consequences for individuals and their communities. Help police find these drug traffickers and the network will cease to function. Your information could make all the difference.

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Jack: Violent criminals

Violent criminals are extremely dangerous members of organised crime groups and they are guilty of carrying out violent acts for criminal gangs. The Jack represents violent criminals. A number of the violent criminals on the EU Most Wanted list have killed or seriously injured not only innocent citizens, but also children caught in the crossfire. By identifying one of them from the EU Most Wanted list, you could help police to capture them and bring them to justice. Check the EU Most Wanted website and send us your tip today.

Joker: Facilitators

Trafficking of human beings, firearms offences and financial crimes are just some of the crimes that facilitators in criminal networks commit. The Joker represents these criminals. Some of the EU’s most dangerous criminals have committed these offences and are on the run. Check the EU Most Wanted list today and see if you can help us find them.

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The murals

As part of the 2022 campaign, murals will be unveiled around the EU to increase awareness of the importance of viewing the website to find these fugitives. These murals will also serve as an offline call to action that will form part of the landscape of the respective cities for a number of months. The first mural will be unveiled in Brussels on 28 September to mark the inauguration of the campaign. The mural can be seen at Rue d'Arlon 104, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.

In October, two more murals were produced in Barcelona, Spain.