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STAUB, Ernst-Volker

STAUB, Ernst-Volker
STAUB, Ernst-Volker
STAUB, Ernst-Volker

STAUB, Ernst-Volker



Hozzávetőleges magasság: 


Születési idő: 
okt 30, 1954


Beszélt nyelvek:

Az ügy állása: 
Folyamatban lévő nyomozás


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Nyomravezetői díj: 
FAST Germany
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A nyomravezetői díj összege: 
A reward of up to 80.000 € is offered for any crucial information leading to a legally binding conviction of the perpetrator. The award and distribution will be decided under exclusion of legal action. This reward is intended exclusively for private individuals and not for public officials whose professional duties include the prosecution of criminal offenses.

STAUB (together with his two accomplices GARWEG and KLETTE) is suspected on probable cause of having been involved in a high number of robberies on cash transport vehicles and supermarket cash offices between 1999 and 2016.

During these offences, pistols, automatic rifles, submachine guns and an anti-tank rocket were used.

He was a member of the former left-wing terrorist organization RAF (Red Army Faction) and has been at large for over 30 years.

All three pictures: most probably STAUB, Ernst-Volker (pictures taken in 2016)