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KELLY, James Michael

KELLY, James Michael
KELLY, James Michael

KELLY, James Michael



Eye colour:

Date of birth: 
Jun 16, 1962


Ethnic origin:

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State of case: 
Ongoing investigation


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0208 238 8115
NCA Fugitives Unit

James Kelly, aged 57, from Ireland, is wanted by the UK’s National Crime Agency on suspicion of Conspiracy to Kidnap and two offences of Conspiracy to Import Class A Drugs. On 20 October 2013, an associate of Kelly’s took a lorry on the overnight ferry to the Netherlands. A few days later on 23 October he came back to the UK, and was stopped by customs officials at Immingham docks. In a holdall wedged between the top of the vehicle bulkhead and pallets, 24 kilos of cocaine and two kilos of heroin, with a street value of approximately £3 million, were found. The driver was detained and then released. Three days later he was abducted, repeatedly assaulted, moved to various different locations and tortured before being released on 1 November. The torture included having his ear cut off, repeated beatings with knuckle dusters, an iron bar and a sledgehammer, having boiling water poured over him, his legs burnt with a blow torch, and being threatened with a knife and a gun. On 24 October Kelly arranged to travel to Ireland but cancelled his ferry booking and amended it to 31 October. On 20 December Kelly flew back to the UK and was arrested. He was bailed pending the outcome of further enquiries, and has been on the run since.