KIJONKA, Norbert
KIJONKA, Norbert
by Czech Republic
Illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances
Approximate height
175 - 180 cm
Eye colour
Date of birth
State of case
Sentenced to 6,5 years of prison
on September 23, 2022, last modified on January 26, 2023


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FAST Czech Republic

The wanted person was sentenced for 6.5 years for drug offenses. He has been hiding from the authorities since 2016. He is also suspected of continuing in his criminal activities as a member of an organized crime group. He organizes the production and sale of drugs. He moves mainly in the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany. He uses forged documents. He is armed and very dangerous, as he has military training. He is able to use his illegal guns against others. He looks for the company of drug-addicted women, he likes fast cars and powerful motorcycles. The competent judicial authority in the Czech Republic issued the European arrest warrant against him.

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