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PUHLER, Philipp Manuel

PUHLER, Philipp Manuel

PUHLER, Philipp Manuel



Eye colour:

Date of birth: 
Dec 06, 1986


Ethnic origin:

Spoken languages:

State of case: 
Ongoing investigation


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P.C.1031 M. Tryfonos / Act. Inspector Ioannis CHARALAMBOUS
The person in subject is strongly suspected that he conspired with other persons to fire 9mm shots against the property of a Cypriot national with whom he had financial differences and disputes. Additionally he is suspected that in the same frame, arranged threatening letters and electronic messages picturing the family and property of the complainant to be send threatening directly the lives and property of the pre mentioned Cypriot national and his family. Additionally in the same frame the kindergarden owned by the complainant's daughter was burned whilst twice an improvised explosive/arsoning devise was thrown against the property of the complainant targeting his bedroom window.  The facts of the case took place between July and August of 2018 in the greater Larnaca area. He is wanted for   1. Conspiracy to commit felony 2. Illegal possession and transfer of a category B firearm 3. written threats to kill 4. threatening violence 5. threats to burn 6. attempted to commit arson of a house 7. arson of a building Applicable National arrest warrants, European Arrest Warrant and a Red Notice are in effective valid. Thought to be located in Spain - Malaga. Last seen in Colombia.