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HÜLTERS, Christo

HÜLTERS, Christo

HÜLTERS, Christo

Cristo Hermans

Kaznivo dejanje:


Ocena višine: 

Barva oči:

Datum rojstva: 
Dec 23, 1980


Etnični izvor:


Status primera: 
Zaporna kazen 12 let zaporne kazni


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Razpisana nagrada: 
Fast Netherlands
+31 88 6629470
Sirene NL
* Za anonimne informacije se nagrada ne izplača
Višina nagrade: 

*Armed and dangerous*


He is convicted for 12 years imprisonment for two attempted homicides. The case is still on appeal.

Case description It was June 27th 2015 and on a beautiful summer evening. A birthday was celebrated at a trailer park on the IJslandpad in Bergen op Zoom the Netherlands. At 9.30 pm the party was disrupted by a shooting. Two of the guests at the party were hit and injured. It turned out that the shooter was Christo Hülters and since that night he has disappeared. The reason for the shooting was a fight between children at the playground earlier that evening.

LocationThere are indications that he is currently staying in Casablanca Morocco. But there are also indications that he occasionally travels to the Netherlands. He may be using a false passport.