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DUDLA, Andrea

DUDLA, Andrea

DUDLA, Andrea


Kaznivo dejanje:


Ocena višine: 

Barva oči:

Datum rojstva: 
Jul 13, 1979 (43 let)


Etnični izvor:


Status primera: 
Zaporna kazen 12 let zaporne kazni
on Maj 27 2022, last modified on Jun 02 2022


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Razpisana nagrada: 
FAST Madžarska

DUDLA Andrea, 42, citizen of Hungary, typical white collar criminal, together with her associates and straw men, committed almost two dozens of known economy crimes and grabbed approximately 1.900.000.- EUR (on 2005-2012 rate) altogether – and the “coins”: the profit from tax fraud. Regarding the sentences on her, at the beginning, 2005, she was the right hand of two bookkeepers associated to run a tax fraud chain but the fugitive stepped forward soon as the head of her own “circle”. Her speciality was bank relations and credit fraud but her greatest personal hit was from commercial fraud in 2012: together with her associate, for corn never existed, she got at least 865.480.- EUR at once – and today it seems last before her disappearance in April-May, 2012. In the tax fraud chain of the bookkeepers sentenced and jailed since then, she was involved even in money laundering.

There are several Arrest Warrants on her as she was sentenced for the above crimes to more than 15 years altogether. As she disappeared at the early stages of the investigations, she never started to serve these years and she has been on the run since then using, in the lack of valid Hungarian ID documents, a fake identity for a while. With regard to time limitations, she has now only a little more than 12 years in prison and time works for her even in the future.

On the basis of her former life style and profile, as a real loan wolf rooking even from lovers and so, it is possible that she is involved in the grey area even today.

Anywhere on the planet.

Perhaps you even know her?

Do you not want to be her next hit, do you!?