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Kaznivo dejanje:


Ocena višine: 

Barva oči:

Datum rojstva: 
Jun 05, 1980


Etnični izvor:

Status primera: 
Preiskava v teku


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Razpisana nagrada: 

Elena PUZYREVICH ran between 2007 and 2008, together with her sentimental partner, a club in the province of Cáceres in which nine Russian women who lacked of residence and work permits in Spain. She was later convicted, declaring as proven facts that she was in charge of keeping the club's accounts and controlling the girls who exerted prostitution there. She captured young Russians thanks to the contacts she maintained with her country. The girls were given a tourist visa and a plane ticket to travel to Spain, being collected - sometimes by Elena herself - upon arrival at Barajas airport. From there they were taken directly to the hostess club, where they practiced prostitution indefinitely and without any labor regulation. Some of the girls were deceived about the type of work they were going to do when they arrived in Spain, being forced to practice prostitution. They also demanded money in debt for the efforts and expenses that had caused their transfer, and that they had to pay with the exercise of that activity. One of the girls, who was forced through threats to practice prostitution, and was forced to hand over all the money she earned from prostitution and the alternate, was forced to jump through a window to try to escape, ending up in the hospital and finally returned to his country.

She was sentenced in the first instance to the penalty of five years in prison for the crime of illegal detention, two years and six months in prison for the crime of determination to prostitution and the penalty of five years in prison for the crime against the rights of foreign citizens, subsequently ratified by the Supreme Court.