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Steffen van Khoa DO

Steffen van Khoa DO
Steffen van Khoa DO
Steffen van Khoa DO

Steffen van Khoa DO



Approximate height: 
Date of birth: 
Mar 30, 1988


Spoken languages:

State of case: 
Escaped from prison


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Fast Denmark

Steffen van Khoa DO was along with a group of criminals arrested on 1st March 2021 and charged with attempt to rob a container, containing 300 kilograms of cocaine, which originally was sent from Brazil with legal cargo to a Danish company. Steffen van Khoa DO and the other participants in the robbery attempt was remanded in custody. Steffen van Khoa Do escaped from prison on 30-06-2021 and is now registered as wanted world-wide. Steffen van Khoa DO has a dual citizenship both Vietnamese and Danish citizenship. Most of his life he has been living in Denmark but for longer periods he has been staying in Spain. It is the opinion of the police that he has access to criminal networks in many of the European countries.