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STROPNIK, Melanija

STROPNIK, Melanija

STROPNIK, Melanija



Date of birth: 
Jun 27, 1960


Ethnic origin:

Spoken languages:

State of case: 
Ongoing investigation


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ENFAST Slovenia
00386 41 713 699
IInternational Police Co-operation Division
Melanija Stropnik in period between 17.11.2000 and 1.7.2001 in Ljubljana, seduced and defrauded the victim and misled him, so he handed over her in cash 188.042,00 eur. She assured the injured party that she will invest his money into her company Maganeta d.o.o. and make profit, which she will then give it to the victim. Also she presented him false working her company and false high profits. In another case, in the period between 10. 6. 2011 and 17. 6. 2011, through emails and in telephone conversations, Melanija Stropnik was assuring the head of the injured party, that she would pay for the return plane tickets for a flight from Ljubljana to Entebbe in Uganda in the amount of 4.739,82 EUR and claimed she already sent someone from the certain company to pay the tickets and that she should not worry about the payment. The injured party, who believed that the payment would be performed, purchased the return plane tickets to Uganda to the detriment of the injured party's company and Melanija Stropnik then fail to pay for those tickets and she never had the intention nor means to pay for them, since she had no incomes or regular employment. In this manner, she obtained for 4.739,82 EUR of proceeds of unlawful conduct to the detriment of the injured party."