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LEIJDEKKERS, Joseph Johannes (Jos)

LEIJDEKKERS, Joseph Johannes (Jos)
LEIJDEKKERS, Joseph Johannes (Jos)

LEIJDEKKERS, Joseph Johannes (Jos)


Sexo :

Altura aproximada: 

Color de ojos:

Fecha de Nacimiento: 
Jul 01, 1991


Origen étnico:

Estado del caso: 
Investigación activa


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Jos Leijdekkers is considered one of the key players in the large-scale trafficking, import, and export of cocaine in the Netherlands and Belgium. He is also suspected of laundering the proceeds of drugs trafficking. In addition, he is probably involved in a number of very serious cases involving excessive violence, including the disappearance and death of Naima Jillal.

Jillal disappeared on 20 October 2019 after she got into a car in Amsterdam. Intercepted PGP messages show that Leijdekkers played a role in and is probably even responsible for Jillal’s disappearance. For a long time, she vanished without a trace, until photographs of a woman, who is assumed to be Jillal, were found on a telephone that was seized as part of the Marengo investigation. The photographs show that she was probably tortured and is no longer alive.

As part of the extensive investigation by the Central Criminal Investigations Division of the Netherlands Police, criminal files were compiled about Leijdekkers’ involvement in the import of large shipments of cocaine via the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. In one of the cases, threatening with and use of violence came to the fore.

Intercepted PGP messages of Sky-ECC provide insight in his presumed role in international cocaine trafficking. These messages also give rise to the suspicion that Leijdekkers was involved in the laundering of tens of millions of euros and hundreds of kilos of gold.

Leijdekkers, also known as Bolle Jos, has no fixed abode in the Netherlands. It is likely that he has not been resident in the Netherlands for quite some time now. Until recently, it was thought that he was staying in Turkey. However, the investigation has not yet revealed his place of residence.

The shown photographs of Leijdekkers are from 2011 and 2016. He might have a beard nowadays.