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KHODOR, Abdullah

KHODOR, Abdullah

KHODOR, Abdullah


trestný čin:


približná výška: 
dátum narodenia: 
dec 30, 1998 (24 rokov)


etnický pôvod:

Stav prípadu: 
prebieha vyšetrovanie
on Mar 09 2022, last modified on jan 27 2023


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FAST Luxembursko
+352 244 60 5555

FAST LUXEMBOURG is searching for Abdullah KHODOR, who is suspected of having taken part in a violent homejacking in the city of Gonderange in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. On 17th of December 2017 at noon a woman and her minor niece were attacked in her house by two offenders. The victims were threatened with knives. Several pieces of jewellery and a small sum of money were stolen. The perpetrators also destroyed the house phone so that they could not call the police. An investigative judge from Luxembourg and the Criminal Department Crimes against Objects are conducting the investigation.

On 02th of December 2019 an European Arrest Warrant and an International Arrest Warrant were issued against KHODOR Abdullah.

At the End of January 2023, the two accomplices of KHODOR Abdullah had to appear before the court in Luxembourg. 

Tips can be given to the Email address as well as directly via